Our company is a Hong Kong registered company in Dongguan Changping home plant, mainly specialized in manufacturing all kinds of transformers, inductors, magnetic locks and other electronic parts and plastic hardware, electrical parts. The company was founded in 1996, after several years of development, has a high level of professionalism and experienced technical team can design different types of products according to customer requirements, currently our products mainly for communications, computer and industrial electronics and other types of products, to meet the international market development needs of small digital electronic products, our company has developed a series of miniature SMD transformer transformer short。

    The company continued to expand and develop, with winding machines, mainly produces automatic tin stoves, presses, grinders, lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, pressed into the machine, the size ovens, belt-type production line and other equipment more than 100 sets of annual production capacity 5,000,000 transformer, for an annual output reaching 10 million transformers in the next two years. Company's product quality strictly and the purchase of high-precision LCR meter, L tester, voltage insulation tester, gain phase analyzer, signal analyzer, high-precision data tester, voltage sources, dozens of profile projectors and other equipment. Aspects of product performance testing, defective products exports reached zero requirements, the product has now been approved by the U.S. UL。

    The company's main customer is the U.S. General Electric Co., Siemens Ltd. USA, U.S. Xinda Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., products are exported to European markets. The company has the following main types of products

    • 1.High-frequency transformer communication connection    For communications on the device telephone, fax, modem, etc.
    • 2.Power Transformers    A variety of electrical products used to reduce or boost voltage, stable voltage with
    • 3.Ferrite core transformer    On telecommunications or electronic products for industrial and lighting products
    • 4.AC power adapter    On household appliances, fire did not spare other products for
    • 5.Microtransformer    The telecommunications, computer and industrial electronics, and other products used in switching power supply
    • 6.Electromagnetic locks, battery valve, precision inductance coil    Electronic equipment, instruments, security security, medical equipment and other products for
    • 7.Current Transformer    On electricity, power generation equipment and other related products for
    • 8.Hardware    For the transformers, electromagnetic lock valve, inductive coils, inductors spare parts and related electronic parts
    • 9.Plastic accessories    For the transformers, electromagnetic lock valve, inductive coils, inductors spare parts and related electronic parts

    Our strategic location, situated on the 1st Changping Town, Dongguan City, Village Road, Jiujiang water Harbourfront, Guangdong Province, near Jiujiang integrated water market, from Dongguan Railway Station is only 15 minutes by car, if you need our products or services, please feel free to contact us.

    Hong Kong Office: Himax Enterprises (HK) Ltd.




    China Factory: Himax Electrical (Dongguan) Co. Ltd



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